Every year the staff team at PFF takes some time out at the end of the year to reflect, check in with one another, and plan for the year ahead. On Monday we looked back at 2019 and identified points of personal and professional points of growth and analyzed how we do or don’t responsibility hold or wield power in our positions.






We used creative methods for thinking about our work – we looked at the relatively simple delivery of complex messages that children’s books provideand thought about how their artistry, protagonists, and points of conflict and resolution were reflected in our everyday work and efforts to challenge historical perceptions of the things young people do or don’t have to offer. We made lists of how we feel PFF has either reflected or fallen short of the guidelines of Trust-Based Philanthropy.






As a team, continuous learning and self reflection are important values that we believe are essential if we aim to show up both in an accountable and effective for one another and for the wider CT community. What are you proud of accomplishing this past year. What are you proud of accomplishing this past year> Where do you feel is an opportunity for growth in the year ahead? And how do you see 2020 as a year of possibility and progress?