Morgan Little, LMSW (she/her) is a North Carolina native and UNC-Chapel Hill graduate who received her Bachelor of Arts in Exercise and Sport Science and African-American Studies. While at UNC, Morgan was deeply involved in the Black Student Movement and developed a deep interest in community work that centers blackness and other marginalized communities.

After UNC, Morgan attended Columbia University and received her Masters in Social Work focusing on AGPP, Advanced Generalist Programming and Practice. Utilizing the skills gained at Columbia, Morgan worked at the Educational Alliance in various positions from Program Coordinator to Senior Director of Adolescent Services, in the Youth Services Department for six and a half years. At the Educational Alliance, Morgan was instrumental in developing the early awareness program, that utilized popular education as an approach to mobilize young people.

Recently, Morgan served as the Director of Programs at Sadie Nash Leadership Project, a youth development organization that centers the experience of young women and gender non-conforming youth through leadership, activism and black feminist theory. Currently, Morgan is the Director of Training and Programs of Planned Parenthood of New York City. Morgan is committed to empowering young people to seek joy and liberation on their journey through mindfulness and community healing practices.