Yesterday, C4D officially filed a legal rule-making petition with the Board of Regents, Office of Higher Education, and UCONN’s Board of Trustees, formally asking each agency to grant access to institutional aid to undocumented students in CT.
Together, we have MADE HISTORY – this is the first time that such a petition has been filed. Our #AffordToDream campaign is in full effect!


At our press conference, over 50 students and allies gathered from all over the state, to share their stories of how being unable to afford college has deferred their dreams.
TOGETHER, we demanded that the Board of Regents accept this rule-making petition and allow undocumented students access to institutional aid.

After the rally, we headed to the main offices of the Board of Regents, where we met with a Board representative and hand delivered over 2,000 petition signatures, over 50 letters of support from community organizations, and over 50 letters from educators across the state. 


Now is the time to KEEP UP pressure –  the Board has 30 days to reply to our request!

Laura, are you ready to win Institutional aid with us?

In these 30 days, check out our groundbreaking #30Days30Stories campaign. Please sign our online petition and make the message be clear that Connecticut is ready for education equity!

TODAY, we keep up the pressure with a phone banking action to the office – WANT TO TAKE PART?

Call: Erin Fitzgerald, Associate Director for Board Affairs at 860-723-0013
And say: “I’m calling from CT Students for a DREAM. Yesterday, we filed a rule making petition to the Board of Regents to request that the Board review its policies and allow undocumented students to access institutional aid. The Board does have the power to ensure that undocumented students have access to Institutional Aid. Next week, March 13th, the Board of Regents will be having a meeting. I ask that you place our rule making petition on the agenda. thank you


When our community is under attack, we STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK!
When our rights are under attack, we STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK!


Get ready CT, we comin’!