Register to vote by October 30th to participate in the upcoming November 6th midterm elections! While voting is not the only way to make your voice heard, it provides a critical opportunity to hold elected officials accountable, unite towards a common cause, and voice the needs of your community.

To register in Connecticut you must:
– Be a citizen of the United States.
– Be a resident of Connecticut and of the town in which you wish to vote
– Be 17 years old (You can vote when you turn 18).
– Have completed confinement and parole if previously convicted of a felony, and have had your voting rights restored by Registrars of Voters.
– Not currently be declared mentally incompetent to vote by a court of law.

For more voting updates click here, and for additional helpful resources on the process click here. To check your eligibility, your current registration status, and information on registering to vote online click here!